Caring for your pearls

Jane Brown Pearls wants you to enjoy your jewellery items for a long time.

Follow these suggestions to care for your pearls:

  • Always make your pearls the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.
  • Do not wear your pearls when swimming, in the shower or during vigorous exercise.
  • Keep them away from excessive heat or extended periods in direct sunlight.

The soft organic nature of pearls makes them particularly vulnerable to damage from chemicals including perfume, hair spray, hand cream and other cosmetics and cleaning fluids. Avoid wearing pearls in chlorinated water. Perspiration may damage pearls. Take off rings when working with or washing your hands and before applying hand cream.

You can gently wipe cultured pearls with a soft damp cloth. Regular cleaning by a professional jeweller is recommended.

Some natural pearls may darken slightly with age and wear. The patina of age is not a defect and can contribute to the character of individual items.

Be gentle with clasps, ear ring hooks and posts. These components can be damaged if they are handled without care.


Pearls are soft and will be damaged if they are not handled carefully. It’s a good idea to store each item separately in a jewellery box or in a soft protective jewellery roll or individual purse. When storing necklaces, keep each item fastened, to avoid becoming tangled. It’s best to store necklaces flat rather than hanging as this may stretch or weaken the thread.


Pearl strands should be restrung every one to two years or more often if the thread begins to show signs of wear. Inspect your pearls regularly. Silk and silk/cotton combination threads are the most commonly used materials for stringing pearls.

Over time, even ordinary wear and handling can weaken and stretch the thread. Pearls should be re-strung regularly (one to two years) to avoid unexpected breakages. It’s a good idea to have a knot between each pearl as this may reduce loss if the thread breaks. It also stops the pearls wearing against each other.